We include the social variable in process improvement, achieving increased business productivity and competitiveness

We work on the ergonomics study and optimisation of manual processing which may impact employees’ health (manual classification of raw materials and products, manual packaging and palletisation, etc.) for the prevention of Work-Related Musculo-Skeletal Disorders (WRMSD).

Our technology is based on capturing the employee’s movement while performing the task to obtain as much analysis information as possible.

Aplicable sectors

This methodology can be applied to the entire food chain. Primary sector, food processing industry; distribution – Horeca – Food service, Administrations, Engineering firms and manufacturers of equipment, technology, packaging, etc.

Benefits for your company/product

  • Facilitates risk identification and assessment
  • Prevents Work-Related Musculo-Skeletal Disorders (WRMSD);
  • Improved processes leading to increased productivity;
  • Improved equipment and technology including ergonomic variables;
  • Reduced absenteeism and improved work environment;
  • Reduced social cost associated to sick leave; and
  • Increased business competitiveness.


  • Visit the company to learn processes and compile information;
  • Identify main tasks posing ergonomic hazard;
  • Data collection and employee’s movement capture using motion capture technology and video image collection;
  • Analysis and assessment of ergonomic risks identified in the tasks;
  • Proposals for improved ergonomics of tasks and work positions;
  • Training and practice for employees; and
  • Re-assessment of the work position with improvements implemented.

We make a difference

  • 4 years of experience in ergonomic analysis of food industry processes;
  • We employ qualified staff in Occupational Risk Prevention;
  • We have technical support and advice on occupational medicine and physiotherapy;
  • For ergonomic analysis and assessment, we have MOVEN technology for human motion capture in real time:
    • Based on a wireless inertial sensing system distributed throughout the person’s body;
    • to be used in any type of scenario; and
    • allowing the employee to carry out tasks as usual without hardly any interference.
  • Possibility of combining ergonomic study with the analysis of environmental variables such as temperature, noise, etc.

Proven track-record

  • Technological innovation in mackerel sexing and classification has allowed a major reduction in ergonomic risks due to repetitive movements and inappropriate postures, while achieving higher productivity and cost reduction at the same time. This innovation was awarded the MUTUALIA Prize in 2012.
  • Taking part in improvement assessment and proposals to design new classification lines, quality control and packaging of fresh products and ready meals (European project PICKnPACK).
  • Practical application of MOVEN to analyse ergonomic risk factors associated to fishing related activities: net makers, neskatillas (women involved in fish offloading and cleaning), women packers and shell fishers.
  • Development of sector plans for Occupational Risk Prevention in the primary sector and processing industry of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (CAPV): Nekapreben and Elikapreben.