Innovation serving inland aquaculture

We create technological solutions for sustainable, economic, social and environmental aquaculture development.

  • On growing of marine fish species using Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) Technologies.
  • Optimisation of production and effluent treatment systems.
  • Water quality and energy performance assessment in RAS productions (energy audit).
  • Economic and market analysis to produce new aquaculture species.
  • Life-cycle assessment.
  • Technological advisory and transfer.

We offer companies and administrations state-of-the-art technologies in aquaculture species production.

Applicable sectors

Public administrations and official bodies, aquaculture production companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups of new aquaculture farms, fishery and aquaculture industries, fish products value chain, animal feed manufacturers, food industry, aquaculture auxiliary and supply industry, engineering firms, etc.


  • Pilot production trials with species in RAS.
  • Optimisation of RAS production systems and technologies.
  • Improvement of the environmental efficiency of aquaculture productions through energy audits and effluent treatment technologies.
  • Analysis of the acceptance of aquaculture products by consumers and consumption awareness-raising plans and promotion.
  • Development of processing technologies and processes for new aquaculture products.
  • Shelf-life enhancement of the aquaculture products.
  • Traceability of aquaculture species.
  • Technological advisory and transfer.
  • Business plan guidance.

We offer solutions that cover the entire aquaculture value chain (from farm to fork).


  • Jointly with the customer, a personalised diagnosis of its needs is carried out, seeking the best options in terms of: experimental design and demonstration tests, work schedule and results-oriented planning.
  • Delivery formats and means (video, written report, etc.)
  • Implementation: the minimum implementation time in months is defined along with the phases involved.


  • We cover the entire aquaculture value chain (from farm to fork).
  • Multi-disciplinary team of doctors and technicians.
  • RAS facilites to perform production trials in a pilot scale, in open or either closed water systems.
  • Proven experience and participation in European networks.
  • Development of business models.
  • Guidance and technology transfer.
  • Search for solutions adapted to customers’ needs.
  • Confidence and confidentiality.

Proven track record

  • Strategic planning for public programmes since 2008 with participation at a regional (e.g. Basque Government, 2009, 2013) and national level (Spanish Aquaculture Multi-annual Strategic Plan 2014-2020).
  • Pilot demonstration trials for marine (turbot, sole, cod, salmon, etc.) and freshwater species (tilapia) production with cost assessment (e.g. Basque Government and National Plans since 2001).
  • Water quality assessment (20 years experience offering solutions to the food, fishery and aquaculture industry).
  • 20 years’ experience in offering environmental management solutions to aquaculture farms to improve their sustainability.
  • Development of bussiness models for aquaculture industry and entrepreneurs since 2006.