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FLBEIA is a multi-stock and multi-fleet bio-economic simulation model that describes a fishery system under a Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) approach. The model was designed with the aim to facilitate bio-economic evaluation of management strategies. FLBEIA is presented as an R package and is built as part of FLR project.

This five-day course is designed to train fisheries management scientists and advisors in the implementation of MSE analysis using FLBEIA. It is organized into a series of sessions with alternating focus on theoretical concepts and hands-on work on examples. These sessions will equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and quantitative tools to undertake MSEs on their own fisheries systems using FLBEIA. In the last day, there will be time to assist the participants in the implementation of their own case studies. The course is aimed at scientists who have a foundation in the fundamentals of stock assessments and management. Basic knowledge of R is also required. ​

Dorleta Garcia, AZTI, Spain
Agurtzane Urtizberea, AZTI, Spain

Course fee: 750 Euros for ICES member country affiliated participants 1250 Euros​ for non-member country affiliated participants​​​.