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2018 PhD in Earth, Life and Environmental Science, University of Bologna; 2017 Visiting Researcher in the MarianiLab, University of Salford, Manchester, UK; 2013 MSc in Marine Biology, University of Bologna; 2010 BSc in Evolutionary and Comparative Biology, University of Calabria. He Joined AZTI in 2018 after his PhD. He has broad interests in a wide range of research topics relating to marine conservation, ranging from biogeography to population genomics. In particular, he has interests in employing population genetics and next-generation sequencing technology to understand how marine populations are structured and how they persist in response to environmental and anthropogenic pressure. Referee for international journals and co-supervisor of MSc thesis in Marine Biology. Member of the American Elasmobranch Society (AES) and of the Italian Society for Evolutionary Biology (ISEB). He worked as teaching tutor in marine population genetics at the University of Bologna. Involved in the citizen science project “SharkPulse” of the Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University. He was involved in the writing and the development of EU research projects.