The “Development of a fuel management system for the characterisation and improvement of fuel consumption practices on fishing vessels” project aims to improve the energy performance on fishing vessels through the development of a fuel consumption management system that enables the skipper to improve the fishing activity strategy (exploitation pattern).

The project aims to reduce fuel consumption on vessels in the trolling, live bait and trawling segments. To do so, the energy consumption of this type of vessel will first of all be characterised in all situations (on the way to the fishing ground, whilst fishing, returning to port, etc.) through the implementation of a fuel consumption measurement system. Analysis of the information obtained will enable improvements to be introduced to the exploitation pattern and will serve as a starting point for the development of an intelligent fuel consumption management system.

The main objective of this project is to improve the energy performance of the fishing vessels in the trolling, off-shore and live bait fleets via the following initiative:

  • Development of an on-board fuel consumption management system:
    • Designing a fuel consumption measurement system based on the collection of different types of data (fuel consumption, meteorological variables, navigation data, etc.).
    • Installing the fuel consumption measurement system.
    • Analysing the information obtained in the fishing activity.
    • Designing the fuel management system.
  • Identification of consumption practices and designing enhancements.
    • Analysing the current exploitation pattern of the vessels.
    • Analysing the fuel consumption information obtained in order to improve the energy performance of the vessels through changes in the exploitation pattern

Project Data


November 2007- March 2009

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