Scientific advice

We take part in preparing scientific advice related to different exploitation levels of fishing .

We collaborate in the preparation of the scientific advice related to the different exploitation levels of fishing resources, so the relevant authorities can set up the corresponding management measures to ensure sustainable activity.

We generate and compile, in co-operation with the sector and the main European research centres, as much information as possible regarding fishing activity, working towards the sustainability of marine environments and fishing resources. Our research work is carried out in co-operation within the framework of international bodies such as: ICCAT, IOTC, ICES/CIEM, NAFO, STEFC, etc., where AZTI researchers are actively involved.

Many countries around the world have placed their trust in our proven experience and rigorous research.

Thanks to our proven expertise and rigorous research, more and more countries entrust us with scientific studies on the sea and marine resources, and food research and innovation. Some examples are:

  • R&D projects for the prevention and environmental recovery of sea and coastal areas for the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences.
  • Follow-up of tuna marking programme activities in the Indian Ocean for the Indian Ocean Commission,
  • Research and consultancy services for traditional non-industrial fishing sector of Saudi Arabia (King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals)
  • Recovery of by-products from fruit and cereal processing in India.
  • Fishing-oriented technology transfer programmes in several countries including: the Ivory Coast, Senegal, the USA, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Marshall Islands, Federal States of Micronesia, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Seychelles, Madagascar, France, Spain, Iceland and Faeroe Islands, among others.