Marine Research Services & Products

We develop sustainable products, services and business initiatives aimed at activating the industrial fabric while preserving natural resources. We strive to get to know our customers, their future and current needs, market trends, etc.

Advice to the public administrations on the setting up of comprehensive management plans for coastal activities.

An extensive range of analysis and testing services for food and the environment

Controlling raw material, product processing or finished products does not necessarily lead to a price conflict.

Measures to minimise impact on resources

Measures to minimise impact on resources

Assessment of the ecological and environmental statUS of the marine environment

Development/implementation of ecotoxicological studies

Measures for the reintroduction of Zostera Noltii

To determine environmental recovery and ensure a sustainable use of marine resources

Analysis of vessel operations to find out how much fuel is consumed, when and why

Reduction and optimisation of energy consumption

Risk assessment and identification and improvement plans for each vessel and fishing method

Optimise fishing activity performance adapting to regulatory requirements

Analysis of manoeuvres, equipment and operations increasing discard survival rates

Improved fishing efficiency/effectiveness, increasing fishing safety

Validation of technologies, operations and product valorisation

Innovation serving inland aquaculture

Predicting recruitment success to support fisheries management

To achieve a sustainable fishing activity and an economically competitive fleet

We identify risks and vulnerable areas, providing effective responses

ROMS, DELFT3D, MOHID, CORMIX and global reanalysis databases obtained from external models with
assimilation: CFSR, ECCO, SODA, HYCOM, NEMO, etc.

Efficiency in plan and project design and implementation

Anticipate in order to respond to the economic impact on fishery activities

For the design of new technologies and the search for solutions to reduce incidental fishing

We create technological and strategic solutions to drive the sustainable development (economic, social and environmental) and growth of aquaculture

To guarantee environmental sustainability of plans and projects

The best information for monitoring and controlling aquaculture infrastructures

Declared as an Area of Interest for Marine Cultures by the Basque Government

FLBEIA is a simulation toolbox which facilitates the development of bio-economic impact assessments of fisheries management strategies