Marine Research Projects

Since 1981, AZTI has had a number of clients from companies, institutions and public administrations, working on research projects aimed at knowledge generation, as well as technological products and services with high added value geared towards the market that transforms ideas into value for clients. For this purpose, we have a multi-disciplinary team of over 230 people with a high level of specialisation.

Water bodies in Europe: Integrative Systems to assess Ecological status and Recovery

Improved energy efficiency on fishing vessels

Forage Fish Interactions

Marine Ecosystem Evolution in a Changing Environment

Mapping Atlantic Area Seabed Habitats for Better Marine Management

Progress in ocean-meteorological prediction in the Basque Country and development of products and applications.

Management and monitoring of deep-sea fisheries and stocks

Implementation of the Comprehensive Occupational Risk Prevention Plan (ORP)

Studies related to protected marine areas

DEVelopment Of innovative Tools for understanding marine biodiversity and assessing good Environmental Status

Interregional System of Coastal Operational Oceanography

Ecosystem Approach to making Space for Sustainable Aquaculture

Supporting the development of cost-effective ocean literacy in Europe

Evaluate the effect of phages use in environmental bacterial ecology

Advanced tools and research strategies for Parasite Control in European Farmed Fish

European Marine Observation and Data Network

Enhancing small scale fishing sector’s participation in decision-macking

Intelligent marine LittEr removal and Management for local Authorities

Stable Isotope signatures in dorsal FIn Spines as a non-invasive and non-lethal alternative to otoliths for reconstructing fish life and environmental history.

Coordinated Atlantic Coastal Operational Oceanographic Observatory

Framework contract for the provision of Scientific Advice for fisheries beyond EU waters

Testing designs and identify options to mitigate impacts of drifting fads on ecosystem

Mediterranean aquaculture integrated development

Smart Traceability and Labeling ToolBox for a Sustainable Seafood Production

A Network for introduction of Innovative Toxicity Alert Systems for safer seafood products

Environmental DNA based approaches for marine and aquatic monitoring and evaluation

Joint European Research Infrastructure network for Coastal Observatory – Novel European eXpertise for coastal observaTories

Managing Aquatic ecosystems and water Resources under multiple Stress

Status Assessment of the Saudi Arabian Waters of the Arabian Gulf

Support Mediterranean Member States towards coherent and coordinated implementation of the second phase of the MSFD

New tools for monitoring the chemical status in transitional and coastal waters under the WFD

Implementation and Updating of Marine Monitoring Programmes Assessment of Environmental Status and Development of a Marine Database system

European Basin-scale Analysis, Synthesis and Integration

Predicting Risk and Impact of Harmful Events on the Aquaculture Sector

Maritime, Ocean Sector and Ecosystem Sustainability: fostering blue growth in Atlantic marine industries

Enhancing small scale fishing sector’s participation in decision-macking

Landing obligation and choke species in multispecies and mixed fisheries in the south western waters

Smart fisheries technologies for an efficient, compliant and environmentally friendly fishing sector

Promote the effective implementation of the Product Environmental Footprint in the Mediterranean aquaculture sector

Study on ownership and exclusive rights of fisheries means of production