The people at AZTI are our main asset to achieve the goals that we have set. AZTI is committed to the people in the organisation and in the growth of its human team, which is a reflection of its strength. A human team of over 240 professionals makes possible the growth of the organisation.

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Photo of  Jon  Uranga Aizpurua
Jon Uranga Aizpurua
Researcher AZTI - Sustainable Fisheries ManagementObservation and data, Integrated assessment of living resources, Conservation of marine ecosystems, Sustainable fishing technologies, Human activities and marine spatial planning

Engineer in Geodesy and Cartography, specialized in Artificial Intelligence (master in Computational Engineering and Intelligent
Systems). Doctorated at 2017 with the Ph.D. thesis “Detecting, counting and sizing bluefin tuna schools using medium range sonars of
bait boats in the Bay of Biscay”, his work is based on acoustic based data analysis. He has participated in several acoustic surveys
focused in pelagic species estimation (tuna and anchovy) and acoustic selectivity of tuna around FADs. He has experience in collecting
and processing data from commercial fisheries and using this data source as a powerful tool to track population changes.

Photo of  Adolfo  Uriarte
Adolfo Uriarte
Business Director AZTI - BoardCompetitive Intelligence, Climate Change, Operational Oceanography, Customer Value Development.

BSc. In Geology, University of the Basque Country (Spain), Msc. and PhD. in Oceanography, University of Southampton (U.K.). Has lead and collaborated in many projects, both at national and international level being specialized in sedimentology and morphodynamics. Is author of multiple scientific and technical national and international publications, as well as of many technical reports and international congress presentations. At present leads the value assessment of the different technological assets developed within the organization, being responsible of the transference of technical and scientific knowledge to the private and public sectors. Is member of the Basque Environmental Advisory Council of the Basque Government , of the Committee of experts of the UNESCO Chair for the Reserve of Urdaibai and permanent member of the board of the Spanish Port and Coasts Engineers’ Conference. At European level he is member of the European Fisheries Technology Platform and the European Aquaculture Technological and Innovation Platform.

Photo of  Ainhize  Uriarte
Ainhize Uriarte
Researcher AZTI - Marine And Coastal Environmental ManagementHuman Activities and Marine Spatial Planning, Assessment of the Marine Environment Health Status, Environmental Impact and Quality.

Background: Marine biology
Generalist Competencies:
Marine environmental studies
Specialist Competencies:
Integrative assessment of coastal and estuarine waters (especially in estuaries fishes), marine and estuarine environmental monitoring, environmental impact assessment (acoustic pollution, marine debris)
Marine biodiversity (species conservation and marine protected areas). Experience: She has been involved in several national and European projects related to the Water Framework Directive and European Marine Strategy Framework…

Photo of  Andrés  Uriarte
Andrés Uriarte
Senior Researcher AZTI - Sustainable Fisheries ManagementObservation and Data, Ecosystem Approach to Management, Marine Ecosystems Functioning, Integrated Assessment of Living Resources.

More than 25 years of experience on fish population dynamics, assessment and management Responsible of the scientific monitoring of pelagic fisheries of the Basque country since 1987 and contributor to the ICES working groups on small pelagic fishes. His expertise cover fishery monitoring programs, direct surveying and integrated assessment of fish resources. He contributed to the implementation of the Daily Egg Production Method (DEPM) to the Bay of Biscay anchovy, and he has cooperated with EC STECF in the development of the anchovy management plan. As expert assessor he has chaired several advisory working groups in ICES and for GCFM (FAO) and has been co-convenor of several workshops. IN addition he has lead/participated several international projects about direct (by surveys) and indirect assessment (DEPM, acoustics, tagging), and in ecology and management. He has about 80 papers or written contributions, of which 44 are books or Articles (Refereed and SCI journals).

Photo of  Nerea  Urquijo
Nerea Urquijo
Administrative Assistant AZTI - EcofinAdministration and Accounting, Administration and Payroll.
Photo of  Agurtzane  Urtizberea
Agurtzane Urtizberea
Senior Researcher AZTI - Sustainable Fisheries ManagementEcosystem Approach to Management, Marine Ecosystems Functioning.

I studied mathematics in the University of the Basque Country, I did my PhD on marine biology in the University of Bergen and currently I work as senior researcher in Azti.

During my PhD I learnt different processes of fish behaviour modelling such us foraging, diel vertical migration and bioenergetics with the use of tools such as Individual based models.

After I was researcher in the University of Bergen, and I worked with the General Ocean Turbulence Model GOTM to study the effect of different light attenuations and turbulence on phytoplankton, and collaborated in the development of a trait based ecosystem model.

Since I work in Azti my work is more focus on bioeconomic assesment model, applying FLBEIA to different case studies, on data analyisis of recreational fisheries and on participating in the design of sampling fisheries of the Basque Country.

Photo of  Iker  Urtizberea
Iker Urtizberea
Others AZTI - Observation and Data SystemsObservation and Data, Operational Oceanography.

Muestreador en Azti desde 2009.