The people at AZTI are our main asset to achieve the goals that we have set. AZTI is committed to the people in the organisation and in the growth of its human team, which is a reflection of its strength. A human team of over 240 professionals makes possible the growth of the organisation.

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Photo of  Eneka  Labriska
Eneka Labriska
Researcher AZTI - Customer Value DevelopmentCustomer Value Development.

Graduate in Biology by the Basque Country University , Master in Marketing executive. She works as Commercial executive in Market Value Department at Food Research Division of AZTI. Over 15 years of professional experience related to sales and marketing fields in different multinational companies.

Nowadays, Eneka works implementing sales strategies and is searching new opportunities and relevant markets for Business development. Her job is very close to the enterprises in Food fields.

Photo of  Bego  Landajo
Bego Landajo
Researcher AZTI - Efficient And Sustainable ProcessesErgonomic Improvements, Circular Economy: Valorisation of Food by-Products, Food Safety, Safety and Health, Production Efficiency and Savings.

Background: Degree in Food Technology and Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention. (Spain).
Experience: She has over 10-year experience in the field of R + D. She began her career in the Institute of Food Quality Vasco Argentino in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and later, in 2004 joined the AZTI, specializing in issues related to quality, hygiene and food safety systems. She has participated in the development of national and international projects in Latin America (Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, etc.).
Currently, she is in charge of the technical secretariat of the Spanish Self control Association of Juices and Nectars (AEAZN), combining it with food safety projects and others about prevention of occupational risks in food industry, especially related to ergonomic issues (risk assessment, identification of preventive measures, improvement plans and design of new processes, equipment and workplaces). She also develops the technician tasks of prevention in center AZTI in Derio.

Photo of  Anders  Lanzén
Anders Lanzén
Researcher AZTI- Marine Ecosystems FunctioningMolecular ecology and biotechnology, Climate change, Assessment of the marine environment health status

Anders Lanzén is an investigator in Marine Ecosystems Functioning of AZTI since 2018 partly supported by the IkerBasque Foundation. He has over 13 years of experience from the fields of genomics, bioinformatics, marine microbial ecology, application and development of computational sequence analysis methods. Central to this work is the utilisation of environmental genomics, i.e. DNA sequencing (metabarcoding and shotgun metagenomics) to reveal the structure and function of microbial communities, in order to better understand or monitor the impact of anthropogenic impacts such as contamination and climate change.
Anders obtained his PhD from the University of Bergen (Department of Biology), Norway, in 2013. Previous to and in parallel with his thesis work, he was employed as a bioinformatics programmer and later investigator at the Computational Biology Unit of the university. After his PhD and before starting at AZTI, Anders spent four years as an investigator in NEIKER, first supported by a Marie Curie mobility grant. Anders has authored or co-authored over 40 peer-reviewed publications, including in Nature and PNAS, and has teaching experience from international and national workshops in bioinformatics, as a MSc supervisor and PhD co-supervisor.

Photo of  Mari Feli  Larrauri
Mari Feli Larrauri
Administrative Assistant AZTI - EcofinAdministration and Accounting, Administration and Payroll.

. Administrativo en Gobierno Vasco. Departamento de Agricultura 1981-1983.

. Secretaria Juntas Generales de Bizkaia. 1983-1986

. Administrativo Viajes 1986 2015

Photo of  Joana  Larreta
Joana Larreta
Senior Researcher AZTI - Marine and Coastal Environmental ManagementAssessment of the Marine Environment Health Status, Conservation of Marine Ecosystems, Environmental Impact and Quality.

PhD in Analytical Chemistry by the University of the Basque Country in 2007. She works in the Marine Research Division of AZTI since 2007, first as Junior Researcher and, since 2013, as Head of Laboratory. She works on analytical methods for environmental monitoring, assessment of chemical status of estuarine and coastal water and contaminants in the marine environment. She participates in regional, national and international projects dealing with the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the Water Framework Directive. Expertise in development and analysis of trace metals and organic pollutants in sediment, biota and water and also in analysis of total organic carbon and dissolved nutrients in marine water. Author of 19 publications in international peer-reviewed journals and in more than 15 international conferences.

Photo of  Amaia  Lasagabaster
Amaia Lasagabaster
Researcher AZTI - Food Quality, Safety and IdentityFood Safety, Food Control, Food Processing Technologies, Biotechnology.

Amaia Lasagabaster, Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology. She has been involved in several European and RTD projects for some public administrations and private companies on the impact of emerging processing technologies on microbial inactivation. Her research field in AZTI is mainly focused on the assessment of the applicability of these novel technologies (such as pulsed light) as stabilization, preservation and/or disinfection/decontamination processes in order to improve the quality, safety and technological properties of different foodstuffs. She has published 7 articles in international peer-reviewed journals and participated in more than 20 international and national congresses.

Photo of  Patricia  Lastra
Patricia Lastra
Senior Researcher AZTI - Sustainable Fisheries ManagementMarine Ecosystems Functioning, Integrated Assessment of Living Resources, Assessment of the Marine Environment Health Status, Observation and Data, Conservation of Marine Ecosystems.

I am a Marine biologist and fisheries researcher. the long-term interest of my research focuses on the life history, ecology and conservation of marine top predators from marine mammals to large pelagic fishes such as tuna and tuna like species. I am particularly motivated to examine key life history parameters (i.e. age, growth rates, and maturity) required for age-structure population models and to investigate the population dynamics-level responses to either biotic and abiotic factors that influence animal growth, condition, and survival.

Photo of  María  Lavilla
María Lavilla
Researcher AZTI - Food Quality, Safety and IdentityFood Safety, Food Control, Food Processing Technologies.

PhD in Food Science and Technology, specialized on development, validation and application of analytical methods for the characterization and testing of biomolecules: allergens/proteins, DNA and spoilage microorganisms in foods (Biomagnetic separation, ELISA, flow cytometry-FACS, phage display, antibody production and conjugation, etc).
She is currently involved in the study of the impact of novel technologies in food, mainly focused in two fields: Impact in allergen detection (IgG), allergenicity (IgE, human sera) and structure, and the effect of emerging technologies in other proteins (including enzymes) and microbial reduction (spores and pathogens).
She also works in the development of new food products and concepts (e.g. new textures) through novel processing technologies (High Pressure Processing, Pressure assisted thermal sterilization, High pressure homogenization).

Keywords: Food allergens, Microbial spore inactivation, Emerging technologies.

Photo of  Agostino  Leone
Agostino Leone
Researcher AZTI- Marine Ecosystems Functioning

2018 PhD in Earth, Life and Environmental Science, University of Bologna; 2017 Visiting Researcher in the MarianiLab, University of Salford, Manchester, UK; 2013 MSc in Marine Biology, University of Bologna; 2010 BSc in Evolutionary and Comparative Biology, University of Calabria. He Joined AZTI in 2018 after his PhD. He has broad interests in a wide range of research topics relating to marine conservation, ranging from biogeography to population genomics. In particular, he has interests in employing population genetics and next-generation sequencing technology to understand how marine populations are structured and how they persist in response to environmental and anthropogenic pressure. Referee for international journals and co-supervisor of MSc thesis in Marine Biology. Member of the American Elasmobranch Society (AES) and of the Italian Society for Evolutionary Biology (ISEB). He worked as teaching tutor in marine population genetics at the University of Bologna. Involved in the citizen science project “SharkPulse” of the Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University. He was involved in the writing and the development of EU research projects.

Photo of  Nerea  Lezama
Nerea Lezama
Researcher AZTI - Sustainable Fisheries ManagementClimate Change, Observation and Data, Ecosystem Approach to Management, Conservation of Marine Ecosystems.

PhD in Fisheries and Conservation. Working on tropical tuna fisheries and concretely, on the conservation and management of bycatch species since 2010 in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Studies of the effect of the climate change on the habitat distribution of some vulnerable bycatch species, such as sharks and manta ray species.

Photo of  Pedro  Liria Loza
Pedro Liria Loza
Senior Researcher AZTI - Efficient Use Of Resources (Marine Technologies)Operational Oceanography, Observation and Data, Marine Energy.

Background: Civil Engineer
He has been working for eleven years as a researcher in AZTI. His main qualifications and domains of expertise are in marine dynamics, wave modeling, sediment transport and coastal morphodynamics. He has been involved in regional, national and European projects about operational oceanography, ocean renewable energy, offshore wind energy, environmental impact assessment, coastal processes, coastal video-monitoring systems and aquaculture.

Photo of  Alaitz  Lizaso
Alaitz Lizaso
Administrative Officer AZTI - EcofinAdministration and Finance

Administrative work and support the Marine Research Division

Photo of  Ane  Lopez de Gamiz
Ane Lopez de Gamiz
PhD Student AZTI- Marine Ecosystems FunctioningEcosystem approach to management, Conservation of marine ecosystems

Mathematician and Msc in Mathematical Modelling and Research, Statistics and Computer Science. Currently working towards an integrated assessment of the Bay of Biscay marine ecosystem as my PhD Project.

Photo of  Maite  Louzao Arsuaga
Maite Louzao Arsuaga
Senior Researcher AZTI - Marine Ecosystems FunctioningMarine Ecosystems Functioning, Conservation of Marine Ecosystems, Ecosystem Approach to Management, Assessment of the Marine Environment Health Status, Human Activities and Marine Spatial Planning.

My main research interests are ecological modeling, spatial ecology, oceanography, population dynamics and ecosystem-based management approach for the conservation of marine top predators.

I am currently the Principal Investigator (IP) of the CHALLENGES project (Pelagic changing ecosystems from predators

Photo of  Marivi  Lucero González
Marivi Lucero González
Laboratory Technician AZTI - Marine Laboratory AnalysisAnalytical Services, Operational Oceanography, Conservation of Marine Ecosystems, Marine Ecosystems Functioning, Sustainable Fishing Technologies.

Laboratory technician specialised in Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry for the determination of pollutants in sediment and biota. Collaborator in the Implementation of Standard UNE EN/ISO 17025 for the accreditation of nutrients dissolved in water. Over 16 years experience in field sampling to collect physical and chemical variables and related analysis. Experience in oceanographic campaigns and biological sample processing. Training in integrated environmental information management systems (IKS-eeM). Manager of the Pasaia waste management centre. Internal auditor of Environmental Management Systems.