The people at AZTI are our main asset to achieve the goals that we have set. AZTI is committed to the people in the organisation and in the growth of its human team, which is a reflection of its strength. In 2005 AZTI had an average staff of 160 people, in 2016 it has grown to 234 staff members.

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Photo of  Begoña  Alfaro
Begoña Alfaro
Senior Researcher AZTI - New FoodConsumer Market Research, Food Control, Customized Food Solutions for Health Prevention, Customized Food Solutions for Population with Severe Diseases, Food Safety.

PhD in Food Science and Tecnhnology by the Basque Country University. Senior Scientist in Food Research Divison at AZTI-Tecnalia. Master degree in Marketing by Faculty of Economics and Business Studies (UPV). Since 2014, Manager of Sensory&Consumer Sciences Laboratory in AZTI. She was a visitor scientist in MAFF (1996), CSL Central Science Laboratory, Norwich, UK and in “National Food Administration” (1998), Uppsala, Sweden. Broad experience of developing and implementation novel analytical tools and methodologies for on-line/at line monitoring of quality and safety of food products. She has been involved in several research and industrial projects for agro-food sector at national and international level. Lecture in several Master Program about “Food Security and Food Bussiness”. Dr. Alfaro is the author or co-author of over 40 publications in international journals and conference proceedings including.

Photo of  Saioa  Álvarez-Sabatel
Saioa Álvarez-Sabatel
Researcher AZTI - New FoodsPleasure and Convenience, Nutritional and Health Claims, Food Processing Technologies.

BSc in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Food Science and Technology, she received a PhD in Food Safety and Quality by the University of the Basque Country.

Her research interests are focused, among others, on the study of food microstructure, food colloids, ingredients´ technological functionality, new processes, emerging technologies (e.g. high pressure homogenisation) and new foods development (e.g. reduced-fat products).

Photo of  Ana  Baranda
Ana Baranda
Researcher AZTI - New FoodsFood Processing Technologies.

Background: Analytical Chemistry
Generalist Competencies:
New Technologies: High Hydrostratic Pressure (HHP), High Pressure Homogenization (HPH), Pulse Light
Chemical decontamination (pesticides, mycotoxins)
Food quality (pH,

Photo of  Mercedes  Caro
Mercedes Caro
Researcher AZTI - New FoodsNutritional and Health Claims, Food Processing Technologies, Accurate Nutrition and Food Personalization, Biotechnology.

Dr in Biomedicine by the University of the Basque Country (2015) and with Master studies in Clinical Trials (2016) and Health and Nutrition (2011). Focused on new food developments aimed at improving health status of general public and specific population groups.

Photo of  Ziortza  Cruz
Ziortza Cruz
Researcher AZTI - New FoodsFood Processing Technologies.

Degree in Food Food Science and Technology (2002) and Master

Photo of  Tatsuya  Iwasaki
Tatsuya Iwasaki
Researcher AZTI - New FoodsPleasure and Convenience, Nutritional and Health Claims.

-Diploma in professional cooking specialization “HANASAKI TOKUHARU High school” 1994, Saitam JAPAN

-From 1994 to 2001 he worked in the Italian restaurant “SABATINI FIRENZE Tokyo” Japan.

-Worked in several Italian restaurant in Italy 2001-2011. In Italy in 2009 the “La Guia di Espresso 2009″ won the best pastry award. On the other hand, in 2011 the “Guia di Identita Golose 2011″ won the best pastry award.

-At present from 2012, work in food research unit R & D product for industry with restaurant Mugaritz in Azti tecnalia.

Photo of  Paula  Montes
Paula Montes
Researcher AZTI - New FoodsPleasure and Convenience, Nutritional and Health Claims, Food Processing Technologies.

Degree in Food Technology (2007)
Expertise: She has been working in AZTI since 2009, involved in national and regional projects focused on the design and industrial scale-up of new products for food industry (i.e aerated creams, ready meals, low fat dairy,?), and studying the effect of novel technologies ( High Pressure) on food texture. She also collaborates with chefs to design new dishes in haute cuisine or to transfer culinary skills to food technology applications.

Photo of  Judith  Orellana
Judith Orellana
Senior Laboratory Technician AZTI - New FoodsFood Control, Analytical Services, Food Quality, Safety and Identity.

Upper module analysis and Chemical Control (2007) by Jesuitas, Bilbao. Environmental Chemistry (2012) by Politecnica Txorierri top module, Derio. He has done physical-chemical and sensory analysis of beverages and raw materials in the Coca-Cola company, as well as sensory and physical analysis chemicals. At the Azti company, from 2017 is analyst in the Area of new foods from the research unit food determines where the nutritional profile of the food; protein, moisture, ash, fat, total fiber and resistant starch. Determination of the oxidative behavior of oils with nutritional properties using different analytical methodologies for subsequent incorporation in food matrices. Also performs materials management tasks such as: requests for common use and technical specialist of small laboratory equipment, calibration and preventative maintenance if necessary.

Photo of  Irene  Peral
Irene Peral
Senior Researcher AZTI - New FoodPleasure and Convenience, Food Processing Technologies, Customized Food Solutions for Population with Severe Diseases, Trend Identification and Application, Aquaculture.

Background: Veterinary
Generalist Competencies:
Food Technology
Specialist Competencies:
New Food Products Development
Food Processing Technologies
She has managed and collaborated in more than 35 R&D projects for food industry companies in Spain and Europe mainly in fish related subjects and new products development (formulation and processing). She has presented papers at national and international conferences, published several scientific and technical papers and is author of 3 food products and food processing patents.

Photo of  Izaskun  Pérez
Izaskun Pérez
Senior Researcher AZTI - New FoodsFood Processing Technologies.

She is an Agronomist Engineer (Public University of Navarra, Spain), with experience in the Food Industry. She is a senior research in the Food Research Division of AZTI-Tecnalia since 2008. Her research is focused on the study, validation and industrial implementation of emerging technologies for food processing, with main expertise in the stabilization and texturization by puffing-drying. She has participated in more than 30 public and private projects relating to processing technologies and on-line monitoring of quality. She has previous experience in the Food Industry, as quality manager for a snack company.

Photo of  Eduardo  Puértolas
Eduardo Puértolas
Researcher AZTI - New FoodsFood Processing Technologies.

He received his PhD and his DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, specialization in Animal and Food Science) at the University of Zaragoza (Spain). His research interests are focused on the study, application and design of new processes based on emerging food technologies (e.g. pulsed electric fields, pulsed light, high pressure homogenization) for food preservation, food quality improvement, food waste/by-product valorization and process optimizing (decreasing economic cost, increasing yield).
He has been involved in more than 30 research projects and he is co-author of more than 40 publications, including 27 peer-review papers. He is author of the Book “Applications of pulsed electric fields in winemaking” (in Spanish) and he is serving in the Editorial Board of “Frontiers in Nutrition” (Section: Nutrition and Food Science Technology). He has received several awards, highlighting the Best PhD Thesis of Aragón Spanish Region (2010).

Photo of  Patricia  Rioja
Patricia Rioja
Researcher AZTI - New FoodsNutritional and Health Claims.

10 years of expertise as New Product Developer. Proyect Management.

Photo of  Yolanda  Ríos
Yolanda Ríos
Researcher AZTI - New FoodsConsumer Market Research

Master in Food Quality and Safety, Degree in Food Science and Technology and Degree in Agricultural Engineering. She has experience in design and development of new food products, specialized on fish and meat restructured products, and researcher in Sensory and Consumer Sciences. She is currently involved in consumer?s behavior and market studies (benchmarking, food preferences, emotions, consumer?s habits and expectations?). She also works in food quality control, sensory characterization, optimization of new food products and useful life studies.

Keywords: sensory, consumer, new foods

Photo of  Sofía  Roca Ruiz
Sofía Roca Ruiz
Head of Research Area AZTI - New FoodsNutritional and Health Claims, Pleasure and Convenience, Food Processing Technologies.

BSc in Food Science and Technology, participating in numerous national research and technology transfer projects in the food industry. Experience in industrial processes, production and control systems, hygienic design of facilities and food handling processes. Experience in preservation technologies, freezing technologies (traditional and electromagnetic) and packaging technologies for minimally processed and transformed products.

Photo of  Raquel  Rodríguez
Raquel Rodríguez
Senior Researcher AZTI - New FoodsPleasure and Convenience, Food Processing Technologies.

Raquel Rodríguez was born on the 14th October, in 1977 in Mungia, Spain. She has a Master Science in Chemical Engineering since 2001 and she obtained a PhD in Chemical Engineering (Title: Development of new drying processes at Low temperature by the use of microwaves) in 2006, at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the same university, University of Basque Country, UPV/EHU (Spain). She is senior researcher in the AZTI´s Food Research Division, in New Food Area since September 2005. She participates in several projects in the field of innovation in Food Processes by the use of new technologies. Improvement, development, optimization, control and validation of processes in agro-food companies. Co-author in 4 scientific publications and more than 25 contributions to congress (7 of them orals). Co-author in 2 patented methods related to the development of an on-line classification process.

Photo of  Esther  Sanmartín
Esther Sanmartín
Researcher AZTI - New FoodsPleasure and Convenience, Nutritional and Health Claims, Food Processing Technologies.

Esther Sanmart

Photo of  Clara  Talens
Clara Talens
Researcher AZTI - New FoodsPleasure and Convenience, Food Processing Technologies, Nutritional and Health Claims, Customized Food Solutions for Health Prevention, Circular Economy: Valorisation of Food by-Products.

Research and innovation for the food industry offering solutions for concept development; from idea generation to market. Multilateral, state and private funded projects.
Product formulation, industrial process design and scale-up: (i.e. low fat dairy, gluten-free bakery, healthy snacks and gourmet ready meals)
Working with chefs to transfer culinary skills and insights to food technology applications. Training professionals in culinary sciences.
Valorization of industrial food processing by-products for the obtention of high added -value food-grade ingredients and products.
Fundamentals and applications of industrial convection microwave technology for product expansion and drying.
Simultaneously, PhD at Universidad Polit