At AZTI, we want to attract people who are curious and are looking to take on new challenges in the field of research. In this way, AZTI encourages the training of people who have finished their studies and/or students with the possibility of working with us through scholarships or internships.

Given our knowledge generating nature and our social commitment, AZTI has entered into numerous collaboration agreements with Universities, vocational training schools and institutions to facilitate the incorporation of future researchers.

Through Internships

AZTI offers the opportunity to acquire practical experience in the world of research or, in other cases, to complete studies with internships. This is carried out through collaboration agreements. In the case of students who wish to have an internship at AZTI, a collaboration agreement must exist between the centre of studies of the person wishing to do the internship and AZTI. These internships increase the preparation of the interns and prepare them to enter into the employment world.

  • Universities.
  • Masters Degrees in the areas of AZTI specialisation.
  • Vocational Training Centres.
  • Professional Schools.

If any centre is interested in establishing collaboration agreements with AZTI, please contact the People and Organisation Area. Applications for internships will be adapted in accordance with AZTI availability.

We encourage you to regularly follow the activity of our website to be informed of the dates and deadlines of each call.