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Objective and Scope

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February 2010
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Objective and Scope

  • To fill the gap in the expanding fields of Gastronomy and Food Science, by adopting a scientific approach. A journal that reviews and explores all present aspects related to this growing field: technology, nutrition, new recipes (the journal should operate as an instrument to register new recipes), applied culinary and food science, food service, global tendencies in food (health, globalisation, ethnical flavours,…), cultural aspects of the gastronomy…
  • With the aim to maintain “up-to-date” on the latest developments in Gastronomy and Food Science, the journal will include:
    Scientific papers
    Review articles; and
    Original Recipes (equivalent to papers published in scientific journals aiming to describe original methods)
  • The result will be a new forum which combine these two interests, both sharing the same objective, “food”, but normally speaking different languages. The ultimate goal is to construct a communication channel between chefs and food scientists.


Areas of interest

  • Gastronomy in perspective
  • Food Science and Gastronomy
  • Innovation in Gastronomy








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