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February 2010
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Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee will be constituted by international members that represent the different expertises involved (scientists, chefs, historians and gastronomic critics, consumer experts,…) in the areas of interest identified for this Journal:

  • Area 1 - Gastronomy in perspective
    Revision papers and articles on interactive areas: culinary techniques, history of gastronomy, global trends, consumer attitude studies, anthropology,...
  • Area 2 - Food Science and Gastronomy
    Scientific papers by specialised scientists and chefs working in the interface
  • Area 3 - Innovations in Gastronomy
    Technology papers and notes by chefs writing on original recipes

The 30 members of the Editorial Committee have scientific-technological profiles with world leadership. They follow a geographical distribution balance from their working countries/continents (America, Europe, Asia, Oceania), and will be responsible for reviewing articles in their specialisation area.

The editorial company that has join the project is Elsevier. It is a prestigious editorial world leader in scientific books and journals that guaranty a very wide dissemination (in paper and electronic format) and targeted scientific audience.











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