Food Research Services & Products

We develop sustainable products, services and business initiatives aimed at activating the industrial fabric while preserving natural resources. We strive to get to know our customers, their future and current needs, market trends, etc.

Quality, safe and harmless products

A comprehensive service to help food companies to develop or adapt their business strategy and innovation process

Includes modern facilities to develop new food technology trends, design new household appliances, validate new equipment and offer expert training.

An extensive range of analysis and testing services for food and the environment

The most suitable and state-of-the-art food preservation processes/technologies

Environmental activity improvement goes hand in hand with cost reduction and increased

We include the social variable in process improvement, achieving increased business productivity and competitiveness

Life-cycle analysis, eco-design and use of IT tools for product and process optimisation

Continuous system to optimise the use of process water and waste discharge

The most profitable and innovative options to manage by-products & waste generated

We guarantee legal and environmental requirements of technologies and compliance with technical and market requirements

Reducing management costs while boosting economic benefit through energy generation

Controlling raw material, product processing or finished products does not necessarily lead to a price conflict.

A method for detecting the presence of mandarin in orange juices

Expansion technologies to achieve dehydrated and crispy food

Economic savings and cost reduction

A safe and cost-effective way to save on water consumption

Trichloroanisole (TCA) analysis in cork, wine, auxiliary material and atmospheric captures in wineries

Wine-based, low alcohol and sensory improved drinks

We can detect presence of up to 2% of Robusta coffee in Arabica, in both green and roasted coffee

We create technological and strategic solutions to drive the sustainable development (economic, social and environmental) and growth of aquaculture

An alternative for fisheries product recovery

Improved food quality and safety while reducing costs and improving competitiveness

Use of biomass with an integrated and sustainable approach to obtain bioenergy and bioproducts

Possibly the best analytics for studing direct food effects in the individual (food ingesta monitoring)

Animal model to test beneficial effects and toxicity on a variety of compounds

100% natural juice, squeezed and preserved without heat input

Integrated services to the food industry and the merchandise and equipment manufacturers

A patented innovative process allows us to maintain the flavour and organoleptic properties of the fruit and vegetables used, without any added sugars, salts, fats or other additives and preservatives

Suitable for daily consumption by people who care about their diet and have cardiovascular problems

In fresh, frozen and even processed fish products

Either on the milk or to the already produced cheese. Accredited laboratory by ENAC

PAT (Process Analytical Technology) – Factory 4.0 – Non-destructive SENSORS