Discover with us the most suitable and state-of-the-art food preservation processes/technologies

Thanks to our policy of permanent investment, both in scientific/technical equipment and high-level training for our professionals, AZTI-Tecnalia enables the companies that place their trust in us – guaranteeing maximum confidentiality in their projects – to achieve technological excellence .

Applicable sectors

  • Pre-cooked meals, catering and the restaurant trade
  • Transformation of fish products
  • Drink manufacturers: bottled water, juice, cider and wine
  • Fruit and vegetable processing
  • Dairy sector
  • Meat sector
  • Bakery-pastry sector
  • Capital goods: household appliances and industrial equipment manufacturers

No matter what your sector in the food industry is (4th and 5th range products; fish products; meat products; bakery and pastry products; dairy products; snacks; non-alcoholic drinks, etc.), AZTI-Tecnalia invites you to discover the most suitable and state-of-the-art food preservation processes/technologies. These technologies can be applied to products that are fresh, relatively unprocessed, manufactured, frozen, refrigerated (pasteurised and unpasteurised) and/or stored at room temperature (sterilised or dehydrated).

We offer proven experience in the field of food preservation, stabilisation and decontamination processes and technologies, and can obtain and adapt new technologies to design new products, both intermediate and finished, or improve production systems. Furthermore, we provide advice and guidance regarding process automation and support for the validation of technologies for the food industry.