Innovation serving aquaculture

We create technological solutions for the development of a economical, social and environmentaly sustainable aquaculture.

  • Characterisation of new raw materials for aquaculture feeds.
  • Formulation of new sustainable fish feed and validation in pilot scale growth trials.
  • Assessment of the nutritive and metabolic use of new feeds and raw materials by fish.
  • Assessment of specific nutritional requirements.
  • Digestive capacity trials without slaughtering animals.
  • Life cycle analysis (LCA) of aquafeeds.
  • Assessment of the nutritional quality and shelf-life of new aquaculture products.
  • Development of new aquaculture products.
  • Consumer’s acceptance of aquaculture products and consumption promotion plans.
  • Technological advisory and transfer to industry.

We are working on fish nutrition, validation of feeds and the generation of new aquaculture products.

Applicable sectors

Public administrations and official bodies, aquaculture production companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups of new aquaculture farms, primary sector (agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture) and processing of food products as suppliers of new raw materials and ingredients for aquafeeds, fish products value chain, fish feed manufacturers, food industry, aquaculture auxiliary and supply industry, engineering firms, etc.


  • Semi-industrial and pilot scale production trials in RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems).
  • Assessment of specific nutritional requirements.
  • Formulation of fish feed adapted to specific nutritional requirements and to each production phase.
  • Characterisation of new raw materials and development of new processing technologies.
  • Assessment of the nutritive, digestive and metabolic utilization of new raw materials and feeds by fish in pilot scale trials.
  • Tailoring of fish composition and aquaculture products from feed formulation.
  • Assessment of the environmental sustainability of feeds and aquaculture products by LCA.
  • Assessment of the nutritional and sensory quality of new aquaculture products.
  • Analysis of the acceptance of aquaculture products by consumers and consumption awareness-raising plans and promotion.
  • Development of processing technologies and processes for new aquaculture products.
  • Shelf-life enhancement of the aquaculture products.
  • Traceability of aquaculture species.
  • Technological advisory and transfer.
  • Business plan guidance.


  • Jointly with the customer, a personalised diagnosis of its needs is carried out, seeking the best options in terms of: experimental design and demonstration tests, work schedule and results-oriented planning.
  • Delivery formats and means (video, written report, etc.).
  • Implementation: the minimum implementation time in months is defined along with the phases involved.


  • We cover the entire aquaculture value chain (from farm to fork).
  • Multi-disciplinary team of doctors and technicians.
  • RAS facilites to perform production trials in a pilot scale, in open or either closed water systems.
  • Proven experience and participation in European networks.
  • Development of business models.
  • Technological advisory and transfer to industry.
  • Solutions addapted to the needs of the industry and consumers.
  • Confidence and confidenciality.

Proven track record

  • Strategic planning for public programmes since 2008 with participation at a regional (e.g. Basque Government, 2009, 2013) and national level (Spanish Aquaculture Multi-annual Strategic Plan 2014-2020).
  • Pilot scale production trials in RAS for marine (turbot, sole, cod, salmon, etc.) and freshwater species (tilapia) production cost assessment (e.g. Basque Government and National Plans since 2001).
  • Proven experience in fish nutrition and metabolism.
  • Extensive participation in organic by-product valorisation, characterisation and processing R & D projects at a regional, national and European level.
  • 20 years’ experience in offering environmental management solutions to aquaculture farms to improve their sustainability.
  • Development of bussiness models for aquaculture industry and entrepreneurs since 2006.