Validation of technologies, operations and product valorisation

We create technological solutions for sustainable aquaculture development (economic, social and environmental).

  • Guidance for the processing and securing of offshore installation permits.
  • Development of environmental management studies.
  • Guidance for the definition of aquaculture engineering and deployment of facilities.
  • Support for the implementation of offshore production or resettlement processes.
  • Environmental and health characterisation in the production environment.
  • Comprehensive monitoring of oceanographic variables for hydrodynamic optimisation of production systems.
  • Development of remote monitoring systems for aquaculture facilities.
  • Market monitoring and business planning for offshore aquaculture.
  • Processing technologies for nutritional quality studies and product valorisation.

We create technological solutions for sustainable aquaculture development (economic, social and environmental).

Applicable sectors

  • Aquaculture companies
  • Public Administration
  • Fisheries sector (fishery diversification or combined solutions)
  • Maritime Sector (auxiliary industry).
  • Processing and marketing sector.
  • Development agencies and/or promotion of entrepreneurship.
  • Energy sector (multipurpose)


  • Administrative streamlining in processing procedures.
  • Rectification of environmental requirements.
  • Design of aquaculture engineering and processing technologies.
  • Assistance in the development of facilities and operations.
  • On-line risk monitoring at offshore installations.
  • Identification of structural faults by hydrodynamic assessment.
  • Validation of nutritional quality and product acceptance by the client.
  • Aquaculture product valorisation and differentiation.
  • Market analysis and business plans.

We have a multi-disciplinary team with an offshore pilot plant and specific technologies.


  • Joint and customised with the client (public-private agents).
  • Engineering assessment for long-line or sea cage systems and field activity (installation and husbandry)
  • Development of coastal monitoring systems.
  • Product quality validation through accredited technology and procedures with consumer panels.


  • We cover the entire aquaculture value chain.
  • Multi-disciplinary team of doctors and technologists.
  • We have an offshore pilot plant and specific technologies (state-of-the-art instrumentation and laboratories).
  • Reputed European offshore aquaculture network.
  • Reliability, creativity and adaptation to client needs.
  • Development of business models.

Proven track record

  • Operational and spatial strategic planning for Public Aquaculture Programmes since 2008 (Basque Government, 2009; Regional Government of Andalusia, 2006).
  • Evaluation and analysis of structural faults related to escaped fish from sea cages (European Commission, FP7).
  • 20 years experience in environmental impact assessment, quality monitoring of water , benthos, sediments and discharges in aquaculture (companies in Spain and Latin America).
  • LONGLINE technological assessment 2008 (Basque Government).
  • Technical report in aquaculture (The Britannia Steam Ship Insurance Ass. Ltd.).
  • Implementation of the first offshore aquatic permit in the Bay of Biscay and development of pilot tests for mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis) and oyster (Crassostrea gigas and Ostrea edulis) fattening (Basque Government).
  • Guidance for the declaration of production (ZPM) and resettlement (ZRM) offshore areas for bivalve molluscs (Basque Government).
  • Long-line engineering design for exposed environments (Itsaskorda S.L.)
  • Branding and trademark registration (Basque Government).
  • Design of an offshore submarine cage prototype for the Bay of Biscay (Innovact S.L)
  • Marine aquaculture diagnoses associated with offshore wind farms (Itsaskorda S.L)
    • Well-boat technology transfer for offshore transportation of bait (Mariñelak S.L.)