An alternative for fisheries product recovery

At AZTI-Tecnalia we support the fishing industry technological innovation with examples such as fish species classification by gender to provide an increased added value to their products.

AZTI-Tecnalia has designed, developed and validated a state-of-the-art process designed to detect, sex and automatically separate mackerel through colorimetry, a process carried out manually until now.

The system is equipped with “Quattro” – the fastest handling robot in the world – five times faster than Formula 1, which makes it the world leader regarding production capacity.

The handling robot achieves a dramatic increase in production capacity while boosting added-value of products.

Applicable sectors

  • Primary sector (fishermen guilds, wholesalers, co-operatives, platforms).
  • Food processing sectors (meat, fruit and vegetables, etc.).

Benefits for your company/product

  • Recovery of fish species through differentiation or quality criteria.
  • New product generation (hard fish roe).
  • Increased product quality (automatic handling).
  • Increased added value of fisheries products.
  • Automation of low quality tasks with extremely high efficiency (over 95%) and productivity (2 pieces of fish/s), resulting in production cost reduction.
  • Increased business competitiveness.
  • Environmental improvement of production processes through natural resource optimisation.
  • Occupational risk associated to RSI affecting wrist or arm.
  • Improved relationship with fishermen and the administration.
  • Other applications: Fish classification according to quality parameters.

Increased process productivity of around 1,500% with 100% classification success of 100% as well as company and employee productivity.

Proven track record

With over 6 years of experience in the automatic product classification, at AZTI-Tecnalia:

  • We are the only experts in the world to classify mackerel by sex. Our system is protected by two published patents (WO2009/063101 and WO2009090279).
  • We help companies develop their own on-line classification processes based on quality criteria.
  • Our pilot plant is equipped with a robot line for food classification.
  • We have forged alliances with automation engineering firms for drawing design, developing solutions based on computer vision and handling claws as well as for installation assembly and start-up.

Proven solutions

With over 6 years of experience in the automatic product classification, at AZTI-Tecnalia:

  • Increased productivity of sexing process of around 1,500%.
  • Increased classification success of 110%.
  • Increased company productivity as staff currently assigned to this operation can be redirected to other activities such as filleting.
  • Implementation in the company in 3-4 months for mackerel and less than one year from start-up to testing (according to fish seasonality).
  • Technology transfer to two companies (Roboconcept and Optimar).
  • Installation of two mackerel sexing lines at the Fishermen’ Guild of Hondarribia.