Soft cheese ready for transfer to companies

AZTI-Tecnalia have developed soft cheese free from added fats and sugars and with low calorie content, ready for transfer to companies.

  • Soft cheese free from added fats and sugar.
  • Low calorie content making it especially suitable for slimming diets.
  • High vegetable fibre content (bio-active ingredients) producing a potential satiating effect with no impact on cheese properties.
  • Improved cheese texture had a positive reception on consumer tasting panels where it was tested.
  • Easy industrial scaling-up.


  • Estimated implementation time (scaling-up and launch): 3 months.

Aplicable sectors

  • Companies in the distribution and dairy/cheese sector.

Benefits for your company/product

  • Diversified product range with an innovative product not yet commercialised on the domestic market.
  • Providing value to a “classic” product and differentiation from competitors’ products.
  • Enables access to new niches of healthy eating conscious population.
  • Improved company image before customers and suppliers, gaining a position on the healthy product market.
  • Easy to extrapolate to other varieties and formats of lactose-free cheese and cheese spreads.

From development to comercialisation

For two years, AZTI-Tecnalia has worked with companies in different food sectors to develop functional foods within R&D projects. Work is not only focused on product development but also in further dissemination and marketing steps, providing a comprehensive service – from new functional product concept to commercialisation – with the aim of guaranteeing launching success.