Egg shell decontamination using pulsed Light

At AZTI-Tecnalia we identify the best way of optimising egg processing through Pulsed Light according to the needs of our customers.

The application of Pulsed Light technology allows microbial load reduction from egg shells, improving both safety (risks associated to Salmonella) and microbiological quality of eggs and egg derivatives.

Pulsed Light technology is introduced as an innovative alternative to UV light treatment, as it is faster and offers greater anti-microbial efficiency without altering the sensory, rheological, functional and nutritional properties of eggs.

Applicable sectors

  • Producers, processors and/or packagers of eggs and/or egg products.
  • Public Administrations.

Benefits for your company/product

  • Improved food safety as the risk of presence of Salmonella and other pathogens such as E. coli and Listeria in eggs and/or egg products is reduced.
  • Improved microbiological quality of eggs and/or egg products as the presence of other spoiling micro-organisms is also reduced.
  • Reduced financial loss associated to the presence of Salmonella in eggs and egg products (i.e.: batch withdrawal, returns, sanctions, etc.).
  • Very short processing times (under 1 second).
  • Reduction of human salmonellosis outbreaks associated to egg and egg derivatives consumption.
  • Increased business competitiveness.
  • Differentiation of products treated with Pulsed Light (safer) in relation to competitors’ in the corresponding producer / processor / packer sector.
  • Improved product image and increased customer trust in the product.
  • Brand protection against potential cases of Salmonella found in eggs and/or egg derivatives; reduction of Salmonella and other pathogens which may be present in the product.

Improved food safety as the risk of presence of Salmonella and other pathogens such as E. coli and Listeria in eggs and/or egg products is reduced.

Proven track record

With over 10 years of experience in research on Pulsed Light Technology, at AZTI-Tecnalia we:

  • Are experts in developing new food products and validating new technologies.
  • We help companies validate Pulsed Light Technology in their products: optimising treatment to achieve safe and high microbiological quality food which preserve nutritional and organoleptic qualities enabling long lasting product shelf-life.
  • We have a working group specialised in pulsed light technology who will guide you through the most suitable option for your product and in finding new development opportunities.
  • Our pulsed light team can perform small scale studies (laboratory tests).
  • We have forged alliances with automation technology and engineering suppliers to facilitate building industrial prototypes and setting up installations within a brief time period.
  • Our specialised laboratories which carry out microbiological and physical-chemical (composition, functionality, micro-structure) analysis of processed food and a laboratory for food sensory assessment for consumers.