This integrated service aimed at ascertaining and predicting market and consumer demand offered by AZTI, is changing the way food companies working with us focus their business strategy and innovation process on products and services. Thanks to our services, companies increase the added value of their products, developing reliable brands, reducing time to market and total costs.

The new approach to design the innovation strategy of your company and increase the added value or your products.

We focus on the market responding to current and future demands: identifying impact trends, market niches and technology solutions. We work with consumers, integrating them in to the design of new products/services.

Trend Identification and Study

We anticipate market needs.

We observe the market and provide exclusive information on current and future trends through food R&D&I, which is transformed into products and/or innovation services.

Market Research with Consumers

We are pioneers in the study of food associated emotions.

We integrate consumers in the initial phases of the development of new concept products. To do so, we have a panel of over 500 people with different profiles and features who enable us to design and carry out tailor-made studies for companies including: qualitative studies (habits, preferences, behaviour, factors impacting sensory perception and intent to purchase); and quantitative studies (sensory analysis for product tasting regarding acceptability, preferences or other parameters).

Collective Intelligence

We directly access sale outlets, consumers and consumption habits.

Through our field work (direct market research) we identify and validate street trends. Our food watchers have direct access to sale outlets, analyse the environment where food products are consumed, identify consumers and their habits. Furthermore, our geographical research scope is adapted to the company’s needs: European environment, BRIC countries, others.