Design, construction and validation of an automated rod for tuna fishing.

Objective: The generic objective of this project is to design, construct and validate the technical performance of a prototype for an automated tuna fishing rod using live bait.

The replacement of current rods for automated ones that facilitate the fisherman’s work and ensure a high level of safety in fishing is the basis of this project which generally aims to automate the rod traditionally used for blue-fin fishing, maintaining the motor/pulley/halyard system or considering other alternatives for catching and hauling fish on board.

Thespecific objectives of this project are:

  1. Technically characterise the traditional tuna fishing systems used by the live bait fleet.
  2. Establish the user requirements and technical specifications for the conceptual design of the prototypes.
  3. Construct, install and validate the constructed prototype based on the technical specifications, using workshop and sea tests.
  4. Estimate the technical performance of the automated fishing rod compared with the traditional rod used in commercial fishing.
  5. Evaluate the implications in terms of occupational safety and comfort of the use of the new design.