PROVALUE: “Promotion and capitalization of waste recovery solutions in the food industry of SUDOE area” financed by the Interreg IVB SUDOE to meet the needs of energy and food waste recovery in SUDOE territory, which contribute to enhance the competitiveness of the food industry and promote the development of the European bioeconomy .

This project extends the technical scope of VALUE project -approved in the previous SUDOE call and framed in the vegetable processing industry  – to other highly representative sectors of the European space, generating a significant volume of products: processed vegetables (including wine and oil), processed meat and processed fish. The aim is to provide practical solutions applicable to reduce food waste and its value increase all over the SUDOE agribusinesses and create a critical mass of European innovation in this technical field that allows further development of more effective solutions .

As a result, companies can identify the most appropriate recovery solution for each type of waste under study and evaluate the cost of implementing this solution, thereby enhancing competitiveness and innovation capacity, and reduce environmental impact.

Objective: PROVALUE project aims to extend the knowledge generated in the previous project, named VALUE through the SUDOE agri-food business sector by diffusing and communicating studies carried out in theVALUE project, providing more appropriate solutions for companies, “ad hoc ” and setting a transnational excellence innovation pole, what ultimately contributes to improve the competitiveness and sustainable growth of the agri-food sector and boosting SUDOE bioeconomy .

Secondary objectives:

  1. Increase use results from previous models of cooperation projects on agrifood waste recovery, more concretely the technical and economic feasibility studies (6) realized under the VALUE project in terms on agriffodt waste recovery.
  2. Identify recovery solutions for major agrifood subsectors in SUDOE area: vegetable processing (canning, wine, oil…), processed meat and processed fish.
  3. Develop “ad hoc” implementation solutions of waste recovery technologies for a representative sample of food companies.
  4. Develop a “Excellence & Innovation Pole” on agrifood waste recovery in the SUDOE by integrating major business centers and specialized knowledge that is connected with other international poles.
  5. Disseminate best available wast recovery solutions to SUDOE agrifood selected companies.

Parners: AZTI-Tecnalia technological center lead this initiative, which is funded by the Interreg IVB SUDOE, in wich work together institutions from Spain, France and Portugal.

Financed by: INTERREG IV B SUDOE – Managing Authority