At AZTI Tecnalia we study hydrodynamic, sedimentary and contamination processes using advanced instrumentation to measure oceanographic variables. Field measurement quality is supplemented by the use of statistic and advanced simulation tools for analysis, evaluation and examination. Efficient real-time measuring and monitoring systems of marine processes are developed. These approaches are complemented by numerical applications, that allow

prediction of the behaviour of the sea; these contribute significantly to the improved management and evaluation of human impact on the environment.Likewise, to mitigate the effects accidental events, such as the spillage of hydrocarbons.

  • Development and improvement of predictive models: Research on new bio-physical models optimised for data assimilation. Moreover, we work on wave and turbulence prediction models, to gain knowledge about ocean-atmosphere interaction and the behaviour of marine currents.
  • Marine environment monitoring. Application of existing and emerging technologies: Development of information systems of environmental variables, from high spatial resolution satellite data. Implementation of emerging technologies in coastal monitoring (video surveillance, multi-beam acoustics, ocean-meteorological stations, SAR, LIDAR, etc.)
  • Hydrodynamic surveys: Three-dimensional current measurements, tide measurements. Sediment transport and coastal dynamics. Surveys for the location of fish farming cages and analysis of waste dumping options into the sea. Risk assessment of hydrocarbon contamination, based on proprietary technology.
  • Ocean-Meteorological Information Systems: Network of ocean-meteorological stations and buoys, in close collaboration with equipment suppliers, for real-time monitoring of the marine conditions for the different sea users.