At AZTI-Tecnalia we contribute to the knowledge and research of the marine environment oriented to give the best possible scientific advice to managers and decision-makers. This requires the development of new approaches, methods, and tools from an integrated perspective to support decision-making by coastal managers and users.

We have a deep knowledge about the physical, ecological, and socio-economic characteristics of the marine environment and their interactions:

  • Management of the marine environment: Research into the evolution of the environmental quality of coastal areas. Development of new environmental indicators (AMBI ©).
  • Anthropogenic impacts on the environment: Development of models and assessment methods for the effects of anthropogenic pressure and impacts on the environment
  • Protection and recovery of marine and estuarine environments
  • Sustainable management of natural resources through the use of exploitation patterns, based on the research conducted for the designation of marine reserves and studies on threatened sea species.
  • Environmental monitoring and surveillance networks: Environmental monitoring and quality control of coastal and estuarine waters. The most state-of-the-art specialised technical means in marine research are used (CTDs, current meters, tide and wave gauges, multibeam, etc.). For coastal civil engineering works. Aggregate extraction and beach regeneration. Sea dumping control of petrochemical industries, thermal effluents of power plants, and desalination and water treatment plants, by means of in-house designed simulation tools (TRIMODENA©).
  • Spatial planning and management plans: Advice to the public administrations on the setting up of comprehensive management plans for coastal activities, such as dredging and aquaculture planning, by means of proprietary software (DRAGAGEST ©).