We carry out research to understand the functioning of marine ecosystems and how they are affected by human activities. We are interested in the direct effects, like the exploitation of resources and services, as well as indirect ones, like climate change..

With this aim in mind, we observe the ecosystems, study the processes and develop models that enable us to simulate the changes and the effect of restoration measures..

  • Observation and study of processes: We carry out research cruises to study the distribution and abundance of different species and trophic groups that are important for the ecosystem. We study the processes that determine the dynamics of these populations, such as reproduction, growth, diet and mortality.
  • Habitat modelling: We use the data obtained to establish habitat models that help us to understand which factors dictate the distribution of the different species and how their distribution can change depending on climate conditions.
  • Ecosystem modelling: We develop numerical models that represent the various interactions within the ecosystem and the external pressure to understand how changes in the abundance and distribution of certain species can affect the whole of the ecosystem.
  • Adaptation and mitigation:  We study possible corrective measures and assess their efficiency and impact.